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The Best Axis Deer Hunts Texas are on the acre Lucky 7 Exotic Ranch. Offering numerous self sustaining herds roaming our First Class Habitat. Axis Deer can be hunted year-round with the optimum months being May - August. This is the peak of their breeding season and approximately 70% of the bucks will. Location of Hunt. Our axis deer hunts take place on multiple properties. One of our properties is a free-range, low-fenced property comprising 6, acres near. Axis deer antlers are long and beautifully lyre-shaped, and typically have three points to a side-the main beam plus two tines. A very strong brow tine grows. Unlike other deer species in Texas, you will find axis deer with hard horns year around as they are a tropical deer and does come in estrus throughout the year.

Axis Deer Hunting. Texas game ranch offering free range axis deer hunts. Lodging and meals included, all inclusive. The price of an Axis deer hunt depends on whether you want just to hunt deer to fill the freezer, or to harvest a trophy-book buck. Doe, antlerless, or non-. A male Spotted Deer (Axis axis), also called the Chital and native to the Indian subcontinent seen here in the wild and by a stream at the Ranthambore Tiger. Browse a selection of axis deer hunting trips in United States. Direct offers from outfitters with a Best Price Guarantee. Escondido Ranch, with its almost two miles of river bed, offers hunters the best possible conditions for trophy Axis deer hunts. This species favors the wet. Axis venison is considered by many to be the finest venison in the world. A native of India, the Axis deer was introduced to ranches in the Texas Hill. Axis Deer. Axis deer were introduced to the Big Island in December , when four deer were illegally transported from Maui. After the first sighting of a deer. Axis deer, cheetal, Indian spotted deer, Cerf axis, Axis-Hirsch, Ciervo axis, Chitra, Jhank, Buryia, Chatidah, Darkar, Dupi, Jatat (also Jate, Játi), Kars. Tennessee Axis Deer Hunting: Goodman Ranch is high ranking in the area of harvesting and hunting the Axis Deer. Book your hunting trip today! When is the best time to hunt Axis deer? Hunting velvet axis deer might be the best time frame of the year to connect on the trophy of a lifetime. Bow hunting Texas is fast becoming one of the most fun axis hunts you'll ever experience. Our ranch here in the Hill Country is loaded with free range trophy.

Spot and stalk or safari-style hunt on acres of free range. 2-Day Hunt package. All-Inclusive. Free-Range Axis Deer. Year-Round. HABITS. Axis deer are inhabitants of secondary forest lands broken here and there by glades (with an understory of grasses, forbs, and tender shoots) that. This gives a combination of a great tasting meat and a large set of antlers for the hunter. Although, Axis can breed at different time throughout the year the. Axis Deer Hunting. Joshua Creek Ranch offers the “best free-range Axis deer hunting in the world” including multiple exotic record book entries with Safari Club. Axis do not adhere to a set mating period and various females within their large herds may enter and exit fertility cycles at any time. As a quality, prolonged. The West Kerr Ranch offers Texas whitetail deer hunts, as well as Texas exotic game, Axis deer and turkey hunting. We have years of deer management and can. The Axis Deer 'Chital' is a class 3 deer, and is the first of 2 deer in the genus Axis. The second being the Hog Deer. It can be hunted on Parque Fernando. All-Inclusive Axis Deer Hunting Packages · 3 days and 2 nights · Silver $3, up to 29” · Gold $4, 30"+ · Non-Typicals +$1, · Cull $3, · Doe Hunts. Axis Deer Hunting in Texas. Get your Trophy Axis Deer at Shonto Ranch in the Texas Hill Country in Kerrville. Gold Medal Axis Deer. Fully Guided Hunt.

We offer Axis Deer Hunts in SW Oklahoma which include full guiding, lodging and game recovery. These hunts are offered for archery, crossbow, or gun. Axis axis The Axis deer (Axis axis) locally known as chital or cheetal is an Asiatic deer species native to the Indian subcontinent. They belong to the family. Axis Deer Hunts in Central Texas at Rock Creek Ranch. Axis Deer were introduced to the ranch 30 years ago. Trophy Axis and Axis Doe Hunts are available. Axis Deer A minimum of a 4 day/3 night trip is recommended on all exotic hunts. Daily rates include meals, lodging, and guide. Check-in is 1 pm the first day. Axis Deer Trophy Fee: $ - *. Trophy Fee is in addition to $ per day which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package. Non-hunting guests may accompany the.

The Axis Deer is native to India and Sri Lanka. Axis doe do not have antlers. Axis bucks have long and elegant lyre-shaped antlers. Another feature of axis is that, being a tropical deer, they do not follow a seasonal rut. Bucks can be found in hard horn and in velvet at the same time any. The axis deer is 1 of 3 species of deer that will keep the white spots on their fur coat for their entire life, not just while they are young fawns like most.

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